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Sarah (Sadie) M. Wignall, PhD

[Lau/Palihapitiya Innovator]

Cancer cells exhibit uncontrolled growth and proliferation, leading to the formation of malignant tumors. Therefore, many current cancer therapies are aimed at trying to block cell multiplication, with the goal of killing cancerous cells and halting tumor growth. However, many of these treatments also affect the growth and division of non-cancerous cells in the body, leading to severe side effects. 

Dr. Wignall will investigate a pathway required for the division of cancerous, but not normal cells. This pathway regulates a physical structure in the cell called the centrosome. By learning more about this pathway, she hopes to ultimately contribute to designing therapies that will specifically attack cancer cells, leading to better treatment options for cancer patients.


Project title: "Probing centrosome-clustering mechanisms to identify targets for new cancer therapies"
Institution: Northwestern University
Named Award: Lau/Palihapitiya Innovator
Award Program: Innovator
Cancer Type: All Cancers
Research Area: Proliferation/Cell Cycle