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Tamara P. Miller, MD

Dr. Miller focuses on improving how the side effects of leukemia treatment are reported. Currently toxicities of cancer treatment for patients enrolled on clinical trials are identified through manual review of the medical record, but prior work has shown that this method of identification leads to under-reporting of side effects. She aims to develop a new method that uses electronic medical record data to identify and report toxicities during treatment for leukemia. Her goals are to show that this new method is more accurate than the current system used in clinical trials, and to apply this method to describe the true rates of toxicities of leukemia therapy.

Project title: "Improving adverse event reporting on cooperative oncology group trials"
Institution: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Award Program: Sohn Fellow
Sponsor(s) / Mentor(s): Richard Aplenc, MD, PhD
Cancer Type: Blood, Pediatric
Research Area: Epidemiology/Population Science