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Christopher M. Jewell, PhD

Tumors evade the immune system by suppressing the function of T cells otherwise capable of destroying cancer cells. These T cells develop in lymph nodes - specialized tissues that control responses against cancer, infection, and other disease. As T cells become activated against tumors, the cells differentiate and proliferate at much slower rates. This decreased proliferation dramatically reduces the effectiveness of anti-tumor immune responses. 

Dr. Jewell is uniquely trained in both immunology and materials science. He is harnessing bioengineering, immunology, and polymer design to create degradable vaccine "depots" in lymph nodes. The goal is to use these depots to control how T cells develop, promoting a cell fate specific for attacking tumors that also maintains the ability to proliferate at the extremely high rates needed to clear existing tumors and protect against regrowth. This is the first time these ideas have been explored, and the findings from his research will support development of a new class of cancer vaccines that could clear existing tumors and prevent relapse.


Project title: "Harnessing intra-lymph node controlled release to study and enhance tumor immunity"
Institution: University of Maryland
Award Program: Innovator
Cancer Type: All Cancers
Research Area: Biomedical Engineering