Sponsor a Scientist

“Adopting” a scientist through a Sponsored Award gives you the opportunity to make a direct and significant investment in a scientist and his or her ideas.  You can sponsor any of our current scientists. Sponsorships are available for the full duration of the award or for each year individually. You can choose to fund research on a particular type of cancer (e.g., breast, lymphoma, colon, prostate) or field of study (e.g., immunology, genetic research). You can also support a researcher in a specific geographic location. To leave a lasting legacy, some donors have funded an award in perpetuity. In that instance, for example, a new Fellow would be designated in your name every four years. Sponsors have the opportunity to name the Sponsored Award in recognition of their gift or in honor of someone (for example, the “Smith Family Fellow”). Sponsors enjoy ongoing personal contact with the scientists they fund and can learn first-hand about the impact of their research. The impact of a Sponsored Award is felt far beyond its tenure – by the scientists themselves, and by all of us who will benefit from their work.

To learn more about sponsoring a scientist, please contact Elizabeth Portland at 212.455.0508 or elizabeth.portland@damonrunyon.org