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Jamie Lahvic, PhD

Dr. Lahvic is investigating how neighboring normal cells will try to impede the growth of cancer cells, and how a tumor escapes these controls. Dr. Lahvic aims to understand the genetic predispositions to cancer and find clues to a new way of preventing and treating cancer: activation of normal cells to directly fight a nearby tumor. While this work could hold relevance for all carcinomas, she is focusing on Ras mutations, which are especially common in pancreatic and colon cancers.

Project title: "Uncovering cell non-autonomous mechanisms of tumor suppression"
Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Named Award: The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research Fellow
Award Program: Fellow
Sponsor(s) / Mentor(s): Iswar Hariharan, MBBS, PhD
Cancer Type: Pancreatic, All Cancers
Research Area: Cancer Genetics