Current and Former Awardees


2017 Recipients

Jennifer L. Caswell-Jin, MD
Breast cancer evolution and resistance in response to HER2-targeted therapy at Stanford University
Christopher J. Gibson, MD
Elucidating the connection between clonal hematopoiesis and lymphoma in humans at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Melody Smith, MD
CD19 targeted donor T cells improve graft versus tumor activity and reduce graft versus host disease at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Sakiko Suzuki, MD
AON-directed alternative splicing as a novel therapy for leukemia at University of Massachusetts Medical School

2016 Recipients

Giada Bianchi, MD
"Molecular mechanisms of ROBO1 in multiple myeloma pathogenesis" at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Kristopher R. Bosse, MD
"GPC2 as an oncogene and immunotherapeutic target in high-risk neuroblastoma" at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Julia C. Carnevale, MD
"Developing new therapeutic approaches for pancreatic cancer with homologous recombination repair defects" at University of California, San Francisco
Michael W. Drazer, MD
"Defining leukomogenic mechanisms in hereditary hematologic malignancies" at The University of Chicago
David M. Kurtz, MD
"Response prediction and personalized therapy from mathematical modeling of circulating tumor DNA in non-Hodgkin lymphoma" at Stanford University

2015 Recipients

Pavan Bachireddy, MD
"Coevolution of tumor and T cell heterogeneity following immunotherapy" at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Carolyn C. Jackson MD, MPH
"Genetic dissection of pediatric classic Kaposi sarcoma" at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Loretta S. Li, MD
"Mechanisms of disease and resistance in CRLF2-rearranged B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia" at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
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