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Piero D. Dalerba, MD

[Island Outreach Foundation Innovator of the Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award]

Dr. Dalerba proposes to use next-generation single-cell genomics to analyze cancer stem cells, poorly characterized cells that are able to seed malignant tumors. He has created a model of colorectal cancer that enables the study of genetic and phenotypic properties of cancer stem cells. This research will advance understanding of the biological identity and clinical significance of these cells in colorectal cancer initiation, progression, and relapse. He aims to determine how to therapeutically target these cancer stem cells with existing drugs and/or novel compounds.

Project title: "Using 'single-cell genomics' to resolve the molecular identity of 'cancer stem cells,' and guide their pharmacological eradication"
Institution: Columbia University
Named Award: Island Outreach Foundation Innovator
Award Program: Innovator
Cancer Type: Colorectal
Research Area: Stem Cell Biology