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Vivek K. Arora, MD, PhD

Modern molecular characterization of tumors of the urinary bladder has illuminated cellular pathways that may be important for bladder cancer development. Dr. Arora is investigating the role played by a family of proteins called nuclear receptors in driving bladder cancer development and progression. These studies will provide insights into the fundamental basis of bladder cancer, while validating potential drug targets. Nuclear receptors are particularly attractive drug targets because they are highly amenable to modulation with drugs. He hopes to pave the way for the development of drugs to effectively target nuclear receptors in bladder cancer.

Project title: "Defining a targetable oncogenic dyad in bladder cancer"
Institution: Washington University
Award Program: Clinical Investigator
Sponsor(s) / Mentor(s): Lee Ratner, MD, PhD
Cancer Type: Kidney and Bladder
Research Area: Cancer Genetics