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Kunitoshi Chiba, PhD

Dr. Chiba investigates how cancer cells evade a patient's immune system. Though checkpoint blockade therapies have expanded the options for cancer patients, only a fraction of those treated actually benefit due to the emergence of immune resistance. Dr. Chiba will use molecular and genetic approaches to dissect the ways that cancer-associated mutations alter the tumor environment to avoid immune surveillance. The aim of this research is to improve the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy so many more patients will benefit.

Project title: "The role of a tumor suppressor gene ASXL1 in immune evasion during tumorigenesis"
Institution: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Named Award: William Raveis Charitable Fund Fellow
Award Program: Fellow
Sponsor(s) / Mentor(s): Stephen Elledge, PhD
Cancer Type: All Cancers
Research Area: Immunotherapy