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Ysbrand Nusse, PhD

Dr. Nusse [Robert Black Fellow] studies how immune cells contribute to liver regeneration after injury. Injuries to mammalian tissues are typically repaired through a stepwise process of inflammation and debris clearance, followed by proliferation of progenitor cells and tissue reorganization. During chronic injury, this process can malfunction leading to excessive inflammation, uncontrolled tissue growth and cancer initiation. Dr. Nusse is investigating the role of eosinophils, a type of disease-fighting white blood cell, in liver damage and repair using mouse genetics and imaging within living tissues. This project aims to uncover how liver cancers arise from chronic liver damage and may also reveal insight into other forms of cancer.

Project title: "Defining the role of eosinophils in liver injury and repair"
Institution: University of Calgary
Named Award: Robert Black Fellow
Award Program: Fellow
Sponsor(s) / Mentor(s): Paul Kubes, PhD
Cancer Type: Other Cancer
Research Area: Basic Immunology