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Daniel J. Delitto, MD, PhD

Pancreatic cancer develops in the midst of intense scarring and fibrous connective tissue (fibrosis). The architects of this scarring are cells called fibroblasts, known to fuel cancer growth and promote treatment resistance. Dr. Delitto's research is focused on the interface between cancer-induced fibrosis and the immune system. He has shown that fibroblasts play a significant role in shielding cancer cells from immune cells. By altering how fibroblasts sense tissue damage, Dr. Delitto has uncovered a mechanism that reactivates the immune system to fight the tumor. He aims to further develop these findings into a novel immunotherapy regimen for pancreatic cancer.

Project title: "Pathogen sensing in fibroblasts restrains antitumor immunity in pancreatic cancer"
Institution: Stanford University
Award Program: Clinical Investigator
Sponsor(s) / Mentor(s): Michael T. Longaker, MD, DSc
Cancer Type: Pancreatic
Research Area: Immunotherapy