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Nathan Singh, MD

Chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR T cell) therapy, in which a patient's own immune cells are engineered to target their cancer, has changed the treatment landscape for many blood cancers. Despite promising early results, however, long-term follow-up has revealed that nearly half of patients treated with CAR T cells eventually experience cancer recurrence. Using a variety of techniques in cell lines and patient samples, Dr. Singh [Bakewell Foundation Clinical Investigator] aims to understand how interactions between engineered T cells and blood cancer cells in some cases lead to long-term remission, and in others to therapeutic failure. The broad goals of his lab are to understand the biological signals that cause these therapies to fail, and to use this knowledge to design next-generation immunotherapies that can cure more patients.

Project title: "Tailored cellular engineering to overcome costimulation-driven CAR T cell dysfunction"
Institution: Washington University
Named Award: Bakewell Foundation Clinical Investigator
Award Program: Clinical Investigator
Sponsor(s) / Mentor(s): John F. DiPersio, MD, PhD
Cancer Type: Blood
Research Area: Immunotherapy