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Marie R. Siwicki, PhD

Neutrophils are important anti-microbial cells within the innate immune system. Recently, it has been shown that neutrophils can perform diverse functions, taking on both pro-inflammatory and pro-healing roles in response to tissue injury or insult. Dr. Siwicki's [Dale F. and Betty Ann Frey Fellow] goal is to understand how different neutrophil subtypes or states function to balance inflammatory versus regenerative processes, ultimately influencing tissue health and cancer. This work has the potential to uncover the basis of neutrophils' pro-tumor versus anti-tumor functions and could open the door to therapeutic targeting of specific neutrophil behaviors in order to improve clinical outcomes in cancer. Dr. Siwicki received her PhD from Harvard Medical School, Boston and ScB from Brown University, Providence.


Project title: "Investigating neutrophil functional heterogeneity in wound healing and cancer"
Institution: University of Calgary
Named Award: Dale F. and Betty Ann Frey Fellow
Award Program: Fellow
Sponsor(s) / Mentor(s): Paul Kubes, PhD
Cancer Type: Other Cancer, Colorectal, All Cancers
Research Area: Basic Immunology