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Anders B. Dohlman, PhD

In many cancer types, microbiota have emerged as an influential component of the tumor environment. Dr. Dohlman [Meghan E. Raveis Fellow] studies Fusobacterium nucleatum, a bacterial species that colonizes around half of colorectal tumors. The reasons for F. nucleatum’s preferential colonization of these tissues are poorly understood, and investigating this phenomenon could lead to improvements in cancer diagnosis and treatment. To this end, Dr. Dohlman is using computational methods to study strains of cancer-associated F. nucleatum, searching for genomic features that promote colonization of colorectal cancers. In parallel, he is analyzing the genomes of colorectal tumors to identify genetic changes that in turn promote F. nucleatum colonization. Dr. Dohlman received his PhD from Duke University, Durham and his BA from Wesleyan University, Middletown.

Project title: "Identifying the genomic basis for Fusobacterium nucleatum’s colonization of colorectal cancers"
Institution: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Named Award: Meghan E. Raveis Fellow
Award Program: Fellow
Sponsor(s) / Mentor(s): Matthew L. Meyerson, MD, PhD
Cancer Type: Colorectal
Research Area: Microbiology