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Fanglue Peng, PhD

Accumulating evidence shows that specialized structures of white blood cells (lymphocytes), named tertiary lymphoid organs (TLOs), can form inside tumors and play a crucial role in fighting cancer progression. Unlocking the formation and functions of TLOs holds great promise for advancing cancer immunotherapy, but studying TLOs remains challenging due to the substantial disparities between humans and animal models. To address this, Dr. Peng [Connie and Bob Lurie Fellow] will leverage single-cell sequencing data and high-throughput screening methods to investigate a key initiator of TLO formation in human tumors. He further plans to develop innovative genetic models that enable the study of TLOs in a human-specific context within living organisms. By unraveling the intricacies of TLO biology, Dr. Peng aims to uncover novel therapies that can augment cancer immunotherapy and enhance treatment outcomes across various cancer types.  Dr. Peng received his PhD from Baylor College of Medicine, Houston and his BS from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

Project title: "Humanize CXCL13 expression in mouse to understand lymphoid neogenesis in cancer"
Institution: University of California, San Francisco
Named Award: Connie and Bob Lurie Fellow
Award Program: Fellow
Sponsor(s) / Mentor(s): Jason G. Cyster, PhD
Cancer Type: All Cancers
Research Area: Basic Immunology