New Discoveries and Honors in Cancer Research

Read the latest cancer research and recognition from the members of the Damon Runyon scientific circle.
September 30, 2011
New NIH High-Risk Research Awards announced

The intent of the NIH High-Risk Research Awards is to encourage investigators to explore bold ideas that have the potential to catapult fields forward and speed the translation of research into improved health.  We congratulate the Damon Runyon scientists who are recipients of these awards.

Pioneer Award:
Brenda L. Bass, PhD (Fellow ‘85-‘88), University of Utah, Salt Lake City
William M. Clemons, PhD (Fellow ‘02-‘04), California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
Tao Pan, PhD (Fellow ‘91-‘93), University of Chicago, Chicago
New Innovator Award:
Heather R. Christofk, PhD (Innovator ‘10-‘12), University of California, Los Angeles
Lea A. Goentoro, PhD (Fellow ‘07-‘10), California Institute of Technology, Pasadena