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October 18, 2017
FDA approves second CAR-T cell therapy for blood cancer

A new class of treatments called CAR-T therapy is providing options for patients who have all but lost hope in their fight against cancer. This form of immunotherapy is based on genetically enhancing a patient’s own immune cells to target and kill their cancer. The Food and Drug Administration approved Yescarta for adults with a form of blood cancer called non-Hodgkins lymphoma. This second CAR-T therapy follows closely on the heels of Kymriah, which was approved in September to treat certain lethal blood and bone marrow cancers in children. Damon Runyon scientists are front and center in the development and advancement of this immunotherapy approach that is having dramatic results in patients. This newly approved therapy was developed by Kite Pharma under the leadership of Chief Medical Officer David D. Chang, MD, PhD (Damon Runyon Fellow '88-'90).