Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award Stage 2 Funding

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Program Description

NOTICE: The 2024 Stage 2 application deadline is Tuesday, September 10.

The Stage 1 award will be for two years, $200,000 per year ($400,000 total) with the opportunity for up to two additional years of funding (up to four years total for $800,000). Stage 2 support for years three and four will be granted to those awardees who demonstrate progress on their proposed research during years one and two of the award. Applicants will provide a written proposal with an update on their research and present their progress in person to the committee shortly before the end of the second year of the award, at which time the committee will make a decision regarding continued funding.


All second-year Damon Runyon Stage 1 Innovators are eligible to apply.

Application Requirements

All application materials should be emailed to Clare Cahill (clare.cahill@damonrunyon.org) on or before the September 10 deadline by 4:00 PM Eastern Time.

The complete application should be assembled in the following order:

  1. Cover Sheet (Co-Applicant Cover Sheet)
    Please fill in all required information on the provided form and make sure all signatures are in place.

  2. Research Progress
    In total, no longer than two pages of single spaced, 12-point type with at least 0.5-inch margins and should include:

    • State your originally proposed aims and your progress and accomplishments under your current Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award.
    • If your work has deviated from the original aims, describe how and why.
    • Briefly describe your proposed research plan for years three and four, if awarded.
    • State the relevance of this work to cancer and its potential impact.
  3. Applicant’s NIH Biosketch

  4. Applicant's Full Bibliography
    A full bibliography of all published works with hyperlinks. Bold three peer-reviewed publications (published or in press) that demostrate the applicant's capacity for innovation and ability to achieve the goals set forth in the proposed research.

  5. Other Sources of Funding
    A complete list of other sources of research support with dollar amounts and confirmation that there is no budgetary overlap with the proposed research for each grant/award (including start-up package, if applicable). A list of pending support with dollar amounts and confirmation that there is no budgetary overlap with the proposed research.

Contact Information

Award Programs | awards@damonrunyon.org