Damon Runyon Innovation Stage 1 Award Application Guidelines

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2018 Important Stage 1 Dates

> July 6, 2018 Application Deadline
> October 2018 Notification of Finalists
> November 13, 2018 Finalist Interviews
> December 2018 Notification of Awardees
> January 1, 2019 Funding Begins

Application Guidelines

Application materials should be submitted to the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation for arrival at our offices by 4:00 pm (ET) on July 6, 2018.  Along with the original full proposal (one hard copy), applicants must submit a USB flash drive of all the required materials.  Please see application submission instructions for detailed directives. 

The pages should be in the following sequence and numbered consecutively:

Prior to the application deadline, electronically submit the Innovation Award Pre-Application Form.

1. A hard copy of the Application cover sheet (co-applicant cover sheet) with all required signatures. These signatures can be either ink or electronic, or a mix of the two.  Download Cover Sheet Form or Download Co-applicant Cover Sheet Form.

Save the cover sheet onto the USB flash drive as a PDF. Please, do not scan. (We use a program that extracts information off the cover sheet, and it will not work if the cover sheet is scanned.) If you are not using electronic signatures, you may leave the signatures blank on the PDF, but please ensure that all other required information is on the form.

2. The applicant’s NIH biosketch, including a full bibliography of all published works. (The applicants biosketch may be longer than the NIH 5-page limit based on the length of the full bibliography.) Bold three peer-reviewed publications (published or in press) that demonstrate the applicant’s capacity for innovation and ability to achieve the goals set forth in the proposed research.

3. A complete list of other sources of research support with dollar amounts for each grant/award (including start-up package, if applicable) and confirmation that there is no scientific overlap with the proposed research.

4. The research proposal, including figures, tables and legends, is limited to four pages of single spaced, 12-point type with at least 0.5 inch margins. No preliminary data are expected; any description of such data (including figures) should be included in the four-page proposal. A list of references is not included in the 4-page limit.

In the proposal, the applicant should include:

  1. the aim(s) of the proposed research project(s)
  2. the significance and potential impact of the research on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment or basic understanding of cancer
  3. the experimental designs, strategies and methods to be used in the conduct of the research
  4. an explanation of how the proposed idea and/or approach is innovative and bold yet achievable.

5. A one-paragraph description of resources and core facilities available to the applicant for the proposed research. Download Description of Resources and Core Facilities Form

6. A written statement guaranteeing that adequate safety precautions will apply for projects that involve any biohazards (e.g., recombinant DNA, chemical carcinogens, etc.) and that the research project has been (or will be) approved by the appropriate Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and/or Biohazards Committee.

7. The Summary of Research Form, not to exceed one page—no attachments. (Please do not staple it to the application.) Download Summary of Research Form. (If you would like a copy of this form into which figures can be inserted, please email shannon.donovan@damonrunyon.org.)

8. If applicable, up to three collaboration letters (NOT REFERENCE LETTERS).

9. In addition to the 3 required reference letters (see instructions below), Clinical Instructors and Senior Clinical Fellows (in the final year of their sub-specialty training) holding an MD, as well as Distinguished Fellows, are required to submit a letter from their mentor or institutional equivalent, guaranteeing that the applicant is conducting the proposed research independently and addressing his/her exceptional level of research accomplishment and potential to manage a successful, independent research program. Please use our reference letter form. Download Mentor Reference Letter Form.

No budget required at the time of application.

Reference Letters

Applicants must have three reference letters from senior scientists emailed or faxed directly to the Foundation using the referee’s own letterhead. Referees must submit their letters by email (Innovation@damonrunyon.org) OR fax (917.591.4780) on or before the application deadline (July 6). Do not follow up with a hard copy. For referees who are writing letters on behalf of more than one candidate, please submit each letter separately.

The letters should address: 

1. the applicant’s extraordinary research and academic accomplishments
2. the level of innovation and importance of the proposed research
3. the applicant’s characteristics that make him/her uniquely suited to carry out and achieve the goals of the proposed research.
4. the applicant’s potential to be a true innovator

Application Submission Instructions. 

Application materials should be submitted to the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation for arrival at our offices on or before the deadline. Do not staple any part of the application. Please notify the Foundation immediately of any changes to your contact information provided in the application. All files must be in PDF format.

Number your pdf files to correspond to the listing below. Please include a merged file of your applications. Do not include publications in the merge. To ensure proper organization of the files, name all your files as:
“Applicant’s last name, #”

Example: If the applicant’s name is John Smith, this is how the files should be named:

Smith, 1.pdf
Smith, 2.pdf
Smith, 3.pdf
Smith, 4.pdf
Smith, 5.pdf
Smith, 6.pdf
Smith, 7.pdf
Smith, 8.pdf (if applicable)
Smith, Merged

On the USB flash drive please clearly label the applicant's name.
Send Complete Application (hard copy) and USB flash drive to:

Award Programs
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation
One Exchange Plaza
55 Broadway, Suite 302
New York, NY 10006

Faxed or e-mailed applications will not be considered.

Finalist Interviews

Fall 2018
A small number of finalists will be interviewed by members of the Innovation Award Committee. Interviews will be conducted at the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation in New York, New York. Interview travel expenses will be paid by the Foundation. 

Forms for Applicants

Cover Sheet - Stage 1
Cover Sheet for Co-applicants - Stage 1
Cover Sheet - Stage 2
Description of Resources and Core Facilities Form
Mentor Reference Letter Form
Summary of Research Form

Forms for Awardees

Award Statement
Award Acceptance Form
Budget Form
Expenditure Report Form
Intellectual Property Disclosure Form
Invention Policy

Contact Information

Award Programs | 212.455.0520 | awards@damonrunyon.org