Damon Runyon-Sohn Pediatric Fellowship Award Application Guidelines

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Application Deadlines

Completed applications and USB flash drives must be in our office by 4:00 pm (ET) on the deadline—NOT simply postmarked by the due date. For the March deadline, applicants may apply for either the Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Fellowship Award or the Damon Runyon-Sohn Pediatric Fellowship Award, not both.

For All Sohn Applicants For Level 1 Applicants
Application due on or before: Selection meeting date: Award begins first day of: Degree conferred between*: Joined Sponsor's Lab on or after:
March 15, 2018 May 3, 2018 July, August, September or October 2018 September 15, 2016-March 15, 2018 September 15, 2016

*Include a copy of the diploma to confirm date of conferral.

Application Materials

Please also refer to the checklist and application forms

  1. Online At-A-Glance form. The information submitted here must match your application, so please bookmark the "Edit your response" link in case you need to make changes.
  2. Application cover sheet. Applicants must submit a hard copy of the cover sheet with all required signatures. Signatures can be ink or electronic, or a mix of the two. Electronic signatures are acceptable but not required for the USB copy. [If applying under the mentorship of two Sponsors, your second Sponsor must fill out the co-Sponsor cover sheet.]
  3. Sponsor’s biographical sketch in NIH format and a list of current funding. Do not include Sponsor’s full bibliography. [If applying under the mentorship of two Sponsors, co-Sponsor must also submit a biosketch.]
  4. Sponsor’s letter including:
    a) description of training plan for the candidate
    b) percentage of proposal written by the candidate. Please give a numerical percentage.
    [If applying under the mentorship of two Sponsors, the training plan for the candidate must be written jointly and each co-Sponsor must submit his/her individual track record of mentorship with list of graduate and postdoctoral fellows trained.]
  5. Sponsor's mentorship track record with names and current positions of graduate and postdoctoral trainees from the past 10 years
  6. Applicant’s curriculum vitae, including a bibliography of all published works.
  7. Applicant's letter of approximately two pages including: 
    a) description of previous research and teaching experience
    b) statement on the transformative impact he/she had on his/her field of research as a graduate student
    c) if applicant is training at the same institution in which he/she received his/her degree, an explanation of the reason(s) for remaining at the same institution (can be copied for page 2 of cover sheet)
  8. Statement of applicant's long-term commitment to a career in cancer research. This statement should be no longer than one paragraph and indicate what applicant plans to do after completing his/her postdoc.
  9. Statement indicating how proposed research has the potential to significantly impact the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of one or more pediatric cancers (not to exceed 300 words).
  10. Research proposal, not to exceed five pages of single-spaced, 12-point type with at least 0.5 inch margins. In the proposal, the applicant should:
    a) provide a summary of the research proposed (this is in addition to the required summary form)
    b) provide a brief background to the proposed research
    c) state specific research objectives/aims
    d) describe concisely the method of approach for the proposed research
    e) explain the significance of the proposed research to the Foundation’s goals: understanding the causes and mechanisms of cancer and developing more effective cancer therapies and prevention
    f) demonstrate the relevance of his/her own background and the background and previous work of the Sponsor and any other investigators to the proposed research
    g) list references including the full title of each work cited—references are not included in the five page limit 
    h) figures or tables may be appended or incorporated into the text (not to exceed two extra pages). If the figures are incorporated into the text, the proposal may be up to seven pages.
  11. Copy of the applicant's degree certificate. Applicants who have not yet received their PhD diploma but have successfully completed all PhD requirements, including PhD defense, may submit a letter from their graduate school explicitly stating such, with the dates of the PhD defense and degree conferral.
  12. Summary of Research Form, not to exceed one page—no attachments.
  13. If available, PDFs of up to three of applicant's published papers (no submitted manuscripts, no hard copies).
  14. If applicable, up to two letters from collaborators indicating their willingness to contribute equipment, materials, or expertise  (not reference letters).

Application Submission Instructions

Electronically submit online At-a-Glance form before submitting other materials. The information submitted here must match your application, so please bookmark the "Edit your response" link in case you need to make changes. 

All application materials must arrive at the offices of the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation on or before the deadline.  Materials should be in the checklist sequence and numbered consecutively. Do not staple any part of the application. Notify the Foundation immediately of any changes to the contact information provided in the application.

Along with the original application (hard copy), applicants must submit a USB flash drive, clearly labeled with the sponsor's and applicant's names, with all required materials. All files must be in PDF format. Number your PDF files to correspond to the listing below. To ensure proper organization of the files, title your files:

Applicant's last name-Sponsor's last name, file #

Example: If the applicant's name is John Smith and the sponsor's name is Jane Doe, the files should be named:

Smith-Doe, 1.pdf
Smith-Doe, 2.pdf
Smith-Doe, 3.pdf

Applicants applying under the mentorship of two Sponsors should use an ampersand between the co-sponsors' names. 

Example: If the applicant's name is John Smith and co-sponsors' names are Jane Doe and Jack Jones, the files should be named:

Smith-Doe & Jones, 1.pdf 
Smith-Doe & Jones, 2.pdf
Smith-Doe & Jones, 3.pdf

Required Materials

  1. Application cover sheet
  2. Sponsor’s biographical sketch and list of current funding
  3. Sponsor’s letter
  4. Sponsor's mentorship track record
  5. Applicant’s CV
  6. Applicant’s letter
  7. Applicant's career statement
  8. Pediatric Impact Statement
  9. Research proposal
  10. Applicant’s degree certificate
  11. Summary of research form
  12. a,b,c. Up to three different reprints of the applicant’s publications (PDF only)
  13. a,b. Up to two collaboration letters
  14. A merged PDF of items 1-13, omitting 10 (degree certificate). Title with "Merge" in place of a number, eg, Smith-Doe & Jones, Merge.pdf

[For applicants applying under the mentorship of two Sponsors, each co-sponsor must submit a biographical sketch and list of current funding (labeled 2a and 2b). The sponsor letter should be written jointly by both sponsors, but each co-Sponsor must submit an individual track record of mentorship (labeled 4a and 4b) with list of graduate and postdoctoral fellows trained.]

Send complete application hard copy and USB flash drive to:

Award Programs
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation
One Exchange Plaza
55 Broadway, Suite 302
New York, NY  10006

Shipping by Fedex First Overnight or UPS Next Day Air Early AM may result in delivery attempts prior to 9:00 AM. To avoid this, use different delivery options, such as Fedex Priority Overnight or UPS Next Day Air. In the event of a failed delivery attempt prior to 9:00 AM, delivery will be attempted again later in the day. Please do not call the office on the deadline regarding failed delivery attempts, as these issues are usually resolved by the end of the business day, and we will accept delayed applications so long as you can provide FedEx, UPS, or USPS documentation confirming that the application should have arrived on time. Faxed or e-mailed applications will not be considered.

Reference Letters

Three letters of reference are required from qualified individuals, other than the candidate’s Sponsor, who can evaluate the candidate's qualifications for the proposed research project and assess the candidate's potential for successful independent cancer research.  Referees are also asked to rank the applicant's intellectual capacity and research potential in comparison with others at a comparable career stage, indicating the comparison group and citing specific examples for their assessment.  For candidates with a PhD, one of the reference letters must come from the candidate's thesis advisor. 

Referees must use our reference letter formdownload and email the form to your referees or direct them to our website. Referees should e-mail or fax (917.591.4780) their letters to the Foundation as PDFs on or before the application deadline, and should not follow up with a hard copy. Letters should be named: "Candidate last name- Sponsor last name (Referee last name)." If the referee was the candidate's thesis advisor, include "ADV" after the referee's last name.  Referees who are writing letters on behalf of more than one candidate should submit each letter separately.

Forms for Applicants

Application Checklist
At-a-Glance Form
Cover Sheet
Co-Sponsor Cover Sheet
Mentorship Track Record Form
Summary of Research Form
Reference Letter Form

Contact Information

Award Programs | 212.455.0520 | awards@damonrunyon.org