Brain and Central Nervous System Tumors

Current Projects
Wendy Xueyi Wang, PhD

Dr. Wang [National Mah Jongg League Fellow] is investigating how brain cell activity (e.g., neurons “firing”) and the intracellular signaling pathways triggered by this activity influence glioma and pediatric brain cancer development. Using high-throughput approaches to map neuronal activity, gene expression, and cell structure at the single-cell level, Dr. Wang aims to understand the normal progression of these activity-dependent signaling pathways in the healthy brain, and how these mechanisms are hijacked during cancer progression. This work may reveal new molecular and cellular targets and lead to the development of novel therapeutic strategies. Dr. Wang received her PhD and MS from the University of Toronto, Toronto and her BS from the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.

Project title: "Spatial-temporally resolved activity and transcriptome mapping in transplanted glioma organoids"
Institution: The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Named Award: National Mah Jongg League Fellow
Award Program: Fellow
Sponsor(s) / Mentor(s): Xiao Wang, PhD and Jia Liu, PhD
Cancer Type: Brain
Research Area: Neuroscience
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