Selection Committee

Damon Runyon-Sohn Pediatric Cancer Fellowship Award

(award suspended in 2021) 


Andrew L. Kung, MD, PhD
Chair and Professor
Department of Pediatrics
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York

Scott A. Armstrong, MD, PhD
Chairman, Department of Pediatric Oncology
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, Massachusetts
Patrick A. Brown, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Oncology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, Maryland
Peter D. Cole, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Montefiore Medical Center
New York, New York 
Adolfo A. Ferrando, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Pathology
Director, WOLF Foundation Leukemia/Lymphoma Laboratory
Institute for Cancer Genetics
Columbia University Medical Center
New York, New York
Julia Glade Bender, MD
Pediatric Oncologist
Vice Chair for Clinical Research
Memorial Sloan Kettering
New York, New York
Lee J. Helman, MD
Professor, Departments of Pedatrics and Medicine
Keck School of Medicine
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California
Agata Smogorzewska, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Head, Laboratory of Genome Maintenance
Rockefeller University
New York, New York